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Good afternoon everyone. Okay, so maybe this isn't directly related to music lessons, but I wanted to share nonetheless. I am very excited to announce that I have released "Empty Swing", a song I wrote a couple of years ago. You may remember the acoustic performance from two recitals ago. This is a more flushed out version including a sax solo by yours truly. There is also an accompanying video that was filmed and edited by Cheryl and I. We are extremely pleased will the end result of both song and video. I'm asking that all of you please take a moment out of your busy schedules to watch the video (streaming on both youtube and vimeo), and share on social media. The song is available for download either from iTunes or directly from Wix Music. Additionally, it can be streamed through major services including Apple Music and Spotify. The idea here is garner enough interest to at least fund the next project. Video and song are posted on my home page (now named "UPDATE"). Your support is greatly appreciated!

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