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Composition Festival Art & Sickness

Good day everyone! You're not doubt exhausted from a weekend full of parades and crazy shopping deals, so I'll keep this short! Each year, our students create their own lovely musical compositions which are submitted to MYC's annual compositional Festival. Prior to this, students can create some lovely artwork for the festival. The template can be found under the main members area marked as "Compositions". The winning artwork will be selected and printed on each and every composition festival sticker which is given to all participants of the festival. Please note the deadline printed on the form is incorrect, and submissions will be accepted until our last class before the Christmas break which is December 23rd. Alternatively, I have printed copies at the studio I can give you if you wish. Only artwork using the template which follows the posted instructions will be considered. Additional information regarding the festival will be posted in the new year.

It has been a challenging few months for sickness, that's for sure! This is a friendly reminder to please not bring your child to class if they are not feeling well, or have been home from school from illness. This may include fever, diarrhea, persistent cough, etc., or anything highly contagious which could be passed onto their other little friends (or myself)!. I unfortunately don't have the luxury of taking paid sick days, and group lessons are particularly challenging to make up. So please do not bring your child to class under any of these circumstances. Missing a lesson here or there is not going to put your child significantly behind. Thank your for your consideration, and enjoy your Holiday shopping!

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