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Compositions and Recital

Good day everyone! The composition festival guidelines, templates, and parent guide have now been added to the composition tab where you find our weekly homework. Additionally, MYC has posted previous winners so I have included that link in the same section. The composition festival is all about participation, and getting our munchkins to use their creativity. I will be covering various composition techniques in class in the coming weeks. Compositions will be due to me on Saturday, February 25th, using the provided templates (either from my website or the activity books), along with the fee of $1.00 per entry.

We have a tentative date for our end of year recital, which is the afternoon of June 25th. It has previously been held at St. Thomas Anglican Church in Stittsville, but we are looking at alternatives, Sacred Heart High School being one possibility. I will keep you updated, but for now, please pencil this date in your calendars. More to follow!

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